Rating System

I use the 5-Star rating system when I review my books. 1-Star is the lowest rating I can give a book, 5-Stars is the highest. If you’re unsure of why I gave a book a certain rating, the following is a breakdown of how I rate my books:

1-Star: I didn’t like it. I got no enjoyment out of the book and felt it was a waste of time.
2-Stars: It was okay. It wasn’t the worst book in the world, but there were enough flaws to make me not like it.
3-Stars: I liked it. There were some elements I didn’t like that kept me from loving it, but I enjoyed reading it.
4-Stars: I really liked it. There were a couple things that I didn’t like a book (I didn’t like the ending or a character, etc) but otherwise I enjoyed the book.
5-Stars: I loved it! I was completely enthralled with the book.