Old Books and Other Literary Obsessions.

If you’ve got any book lovers in your life, you’ve probably noticed their little fetishes and obsessions. Of course, we are all obsessed with books in general, but some of us have these particular interests and niches. Some love collecting book marks, others like to buy books with interesting cover art, and others only buy hardcovers.

My particular interest is in old school books. I don’t know why I love these slim little readers, they’re not particularly engaging in any sort of way, but I do love collecting them and seeing how children of days gone by learned to read and write. Most of the school books that I’ve bought have children reading passages and answer a set of questions about the passage. For example, I found this old school book from the 1920’s at a garage sale this morning and some of the questions were about where the capital I’s and lowercase C’s were.

I don’t remember learning how to read, but I know this wasn’t how our teachers taught us during elementary school. It’s hard to imagine, but looking at these books make me think that in 50 years or so people might think the way I learned my school lessons will be just as archaic as I think these 1920’s schoolbooks are.

What is the best way to learn how to read? How can we get more people engaged with reading? I’m not quite sure. Some people thrived with rote learning. Others doing well when they work in groups and engaging with technology. Maybe with today’s society we need find a way to combine the old ways with the new. After all, sometimes the old ways are the best.

What are you obsessed about in the book world?


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