In Focus: Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

I’ve been reading a series called Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop. Mary moves in with her sister Betty after being widowed in their childhood hometown of Ivy Bay. She establishes a bookshop dedicated to mystery books called Mary’s Mystery Bookshop, a dream that she’s always wanted to come true. In each book of the series, Mary is faced with a new mystery in which she feels compelled to solve. Consider the series as one similar to Nancy Drew, only intended for adults.

I wouldn’t consider the books to be instant classics or even New York times best sellers, but I find the books to be comforting and easy to read. They don’t tax the brain too hard and definitely don’t stress you out too hard. I’m finding these books to be perfect light reading for my in between “hard” books.

I’m at the point now where I’m ready to delve back into deep books, but I’m glad I discovered Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop. It’s a series that I’ll be coming back too when others are getting too intense. If you were into Nancy Drew, I’d highly recommend them (I was more into the Boxcar Children myself, but it’s the same thing). If you’re looking for something light to read or just a good, fun mystery, then this series will be for you, as well.

The only drawback to the series is that each book is written by a different author. Some of the writers are better than others and sometimes the books don’t feel fluid from one to another in terms of writing styles, but they’re still enjoyable reads. You don’t need to read them in order because they don’t follow previous story lines, but some of the characters remain the same from book to book.

Right now I’m deep into The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I started this book several years ago, but never finished it. But now I’ve decided to start at the beginning and delve back in. I love the characters, each one has a special personality them that I adore. I watched the movie, so some of the things aren’t going to be a surprise, but I want to read the book and see how the author originally created them in all their wonderful details. You might see a review of this book in the near future, so get ready.

Tell me about some of your favorite light reads!


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