Why We Need to Read More.

Reading is an integral part of our lives, both as individuals and as a society. Most of us understand that we should read on a regular basis, but some of us can’t seem to fit it into our schedules like we should. And then there are a few of us who are scratching our heads and thinking, why are books so important anyway? What’s the big deal?

If you’re one of those people who need convinced of the importance of reading or if you need motivation to continue reading, I hope the following will convince you to explore the world of books further and deeper than you ever imagined.

1. Reading reduces stress.

Our daily lives are often filled with situations that get our hearts racing and our heads aching. When you’re having a long, stress filled day, reading a good book can help you escape from the daily demands and into the world that the author has created. It calms you and immerses so that when you come back to reality, you can face the world with a clear, level head.

2. Reading takes you to other countries and cultures.

Traveling is fun and often educational. Unfortunately, the expense and the fact that most of us can’t drop everything on a dime keeps us tethered to where we are. Reading about foreign places or even on the other side of our own country can teach us about how other people live and give us an idea of what the place is like, all from the comfort of your living room.

3. Reading makes you a better writer.

There’s a famous quote by Stephen King that goes “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write” and he’s absolutely right. When you read, you come across words that you might not have seen otherwise. Not only that, you’ll learn how sentences come together and even how stories are told so that when you sit down to write (not matter what it is), you’ll become more engaging for other people to read and enjoy.

4. Reading makes you more empathetic towards others.

This ties in closely with number two. When you’re reading books, you’re reading about other people and their lives, experiences, and perspectives. It brings you out of your life story and into another person’s perspective. The more we see and understand these experiences, the more we can connect to people and make the world a better place.

5. Reading reduces certain diseases.

We’ve all heard that when you stimulate your brain, the less likely you’ll get certain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Reading is one of those activities. I read in one article that reading alone can reduce the chances by 29%. Why wouldn’t you want to read just for that?

6. Reading is fun.

Reading is an entertainment that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Sure, it can get expensive if you go to the bookstore and pay for books full price, but there are other options to getting your reading fix including the library, thrift stores, and garage sales. At the library, you can borrow books in all different formats for different platforms (physical copy, audiobook, and ebook immediately comes to mind). By going to the library, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on buying the book and actually enjoy it without the expense. If you’d rather buy the book, you can go to the library book sales or to the thrift stores and garage sales and buy books that others no longer want.

7. Reading expands your imagination.

When you watch a movie, the director tells you what things are supposed to look like and how things should be. But when you read a book, you create the world in your head and imagine what the characters look like and act. It helps you think more and get your creative juices going.

8. Reading helps you discover yourself.

You’ve heard people saying how certain books have changed their lives. That’s probably because these books have challenged them to think and scrutinize themselves. Something in that book resonated deeply with them and changed how they thought about themselves. When you read, you too can get lost and discover who you and what you’re place is in the world. Why not start today?

There are an infinite amount of reasons why you should read more books. I hope these ones I shared with you today inspired you to get out and read more. What are some of your reasons why we should read more as a society?


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