Review: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

last starWhen the Others came, they changed the world for the worse. First they took the electricity, then they sent the Red Death. Now over a year later, the decimated population must go against the distrust that They have planted in order to come together and fight off the Enemy who destroyed humanity. For now the end is coming…and the people who are left behind must make a decision on what’s more important: save themselves or saving their humanity.

I was looking foreword to the final book in The 5th Wave trilogy. If you know me well, I’m not into alien stories much, but The 5th Wave had been excellent and I waited impatiently for the sequels to come out. I was especially looking foreword to The Last Star because I knew it’d be fast paced and nerve wracking, especially considering the slow walk that the middle book took (not saying it was bad, just didn’t like Ringer as much as I wanted to).

But this book just flopped for me. The characters seemed to stop fighting the problems at large and became obsessed with each other and whether they like each other or not. The tension and drama just sort of dropped so by the end of the book, the conclusion seemed dull and unimpressive. The ending wasn’t even close to what I hoped or dreamed for anyway, but coming from the rest of the book that Yancey presented, it seemed like a huge whack in the face.

The wait I had to endure for this book was definitely not worth the impatience and to me that’s disappointing. The 5th Wave presented an edge of your seat experience that made me gush its praises everywhere. The Infinite Sea was slow, but worked for a middle book. The Last Star was just plain disappointing. If you read the first two books, maybe you’d want to read the book just to complete the trilogy, but it doesn’t uphold any expectations. If you’re considering it, maybe you shouldn’t. The first book sets you up only to have it crashing down.

Clearly, I don’t have anything good to say about the book. I hope his next books don’t disappoint as much.

Rating: 2/5


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