Obssessive Reading

I get into obsessions when it comes to books. I’ll read one book, find it amazing, and then I’ll go out and read every book I get my hands on related to the first book I read because I was inspired to read more. I’ll read and read and read until I burn myself out on the subject. I don’t understand why I do that to myself, read obsessively until I can’t stand the thought of reading one more word of the subject. I do this all the time to myself and you’d think I wouldn’t get tired of reading something I enjoy reading or that I wouldn’t read it to the point of being exhausted of it, but I do it anyway. Because frankly, that’s what I do and I can’t be any other way.

I like to change things up. If I don’t change things up then I’ll get bored. Excruciatingly bored. That’s another part of the problem. If I read too much of the same genre, then I start to see a pattern. And I don’t like to see patterns and formulas in books. They can only work for so long before I see it and I tear my hair out, tears streaming down my face. So I go on to another author, a different genre and I read them until I can’t anymore. And only then will I attempt to go back to the genre that used to drive me to tears. Because I’m one of those people who merely needed a break from it. I needed to see different writing styles and visit different worlds. Only then I can go back to the previous genre that bored me to tears because now I have fresh eyes. I just needed a break.

I’m getting that way with nonfiction right now. I’ve been reading a lot of it and I can’t stand it anymore. I need to break away from it for a little while before I go insane. I finished (re)-reading Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom and now I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a good book, but man, am I tired of reading meditations about creativity and religion and faith.

I’ve got a little fiction but I’m not quite sure what I’ll choose to read next. For now, I’m determined to finish what I’ve started and then I’ll decide. One step at a time. One long step at a time and I can sink myself into another genre.


2 thoughts on “Obssessive Reading

  1. Sometimes if I like a book, then I’ll go and read others by the same author. I’ve done this with Jhumpa Lahiri, Ann Patchett, Sue Miller, Jason Mott, Jojo Moyes, Elena Ferrante, Elinor Lipman, Rachel Joyce, Adriana Trigiani and Ann Hood.


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