How Many Books in a Year?

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to read 50 books for 2016. At the time, I didn’t quite know or understand why I made such a commitment to read that many books. I don’t read as many books as I thought I was going to in the last few years and always felt pressured to read a high amount. But so far this year, I’m doing really well with my reading goals. In fact, I’m three books ahead of schedule at the moment. I’m very pleased with myself and I want to continue to keep up the good work. I’m hoping that this is a signal that I’m immersing myself in reading again and not picking a few books and just reading them for the sake of them. Or maybe this should be the other way around? Immerse myself in a few books rather than rack up the books in quantity. I can never tell because on the one hand, if you read a lot of books, you are showing that you love to read and can read a lot of books in one year. On the other hand, are you really allowing the book you’re reading to sink into you and make you think?

That is always my dilemma. I shouldn’t have to worry about those things because in the end it’s about me and how many books I want to read and that sort of thing. But there are other readers who judge others by how little they read and that kind of worries me, to be honest. It’s not about how fat or how much a person reads as long as they enjoy it. If a person feels pressured to read or read certain books or read a lot, then they’re not going to enjoy it as much as they used to.

It’s kind of like students. If you analyze a book to death or you make the book sound bland or give them so much homework that they don’t want to read anymore, then you’re not doing you’re job. You’re creating a generation of people not want to read and not want to expand their education.


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