Having Our Say.

I read for much of the day. A horrible headache has plagued me all day without any signs of letting up, so there wasn’t much I could do other than play computer games, surfing the web and reading. But I finally decided to take another break from reading because I can’t take much more. I realize how out of shape I am in doing book marathons. I used to be able to sit for hours and even whole days just reading. I can’t do that anymore even when I have whole days to myself. I get distracted.

I’ve got a lot of books started right now. It’s been a while since that happened to me, as well. I mentioned in the previous post that I started reading Under the Dome and I’ve also got Dominick Dunne’s Justice going, as well. But today I started reading Having Our Say. It’s about these two black ladies who lived to 105 and 107. I know one of them died recently at a ripe age, but I can’t say if the other lady has died yet or not. I would assume so, if not, then she’s probably setting a record or something.

Anyway, these two ladies tell the story of their lives and how the lives of black people have changed in their lifetime. It’s interesting to see black history through two individuals. So much hard work that they went through to get to where they were! They are so sassy and tough and reading what they went through, it’s no wonder they’re the way they are. They’re a bit racist, one more so than the other, but you can see the disdain they have for white people. In 1912, when they heard about the Titanic sinking, one of the sisters stated that she wished more rich white people had gone down with the ship, especially Southern rebels as she put it. !!! That’s all I got to say about that. It sounds a little harsh, I reckon, but I’m a white woman, so I can’t say too much about it since I don’t have their experiences, but I suppose there’s racists in all races but perhaps I’m assuming too much.

So far, though, I’m enjoying the novel. I think it has more good than bad in it, but I can’t really say until I’ve read it all the way through.


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