The Mt. Everest of Novels.

I checked out Under the Dome by Stephen King on Sunday. I tried reading it once before but it’s such a massive book that I got intimidated and returned the book without finishing it. I decided to give it another go because I don’t want a Stephen King epic novel to defeat me. I mean, honestly, this book is over a thousand pages. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that long, but it has been done. I don’t know why I haven’t read one of King’s longer novels, mostly because of the length but also because it’s a long time to be in a horror novel. I’ve read his shorter works (The Shining being the longest book I’ve read by him) but I don’t think a person can say she’s really read the master of horror until she’s read one of his longer works.

Even if I don’t finish this book, I will continue trying to finish one of his longer works. If it’s not this one, it has to be another one. I just need to find the one that captures my attention and make me want to finish it to the bitter end.


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