Waiting for the Next Book.

I’m sort of disappointed by the fact that Stephen King doesn’t keep a blog. This shouldn’t surprise me because the man writes an ungodly amount of writing for books every year and doesn’t have time to keep up a blog and for that I’m really happy. It shows that he cares more about his actual writing that needs to be published then getting instantly published for his fans’ pleasure. But sometimes I wish he did some actual blogging. It’d be nice to know what he was thinking on a semi regular basis. I mean, honestly, have you read his essays and introductions to his books and such? He’s actually very insightful. And not to mention he’s got a dry sense of humor and that makes me happy. If he had a blog and kept that up every now and then (even once a month), I’d be satisfied until the next time.

But at the same time, I’m glad he doesn’t. I used to follow George R.R. Martin on his blog and to be completely honest I stopped reading it after a while. It seemed like he was posting more on his blog than he was actually writing and that got me frustrated. If he’d taken as much time as he is doing now in between books and was actually focusing on getting his things published, I’d forgive him for taking so long. But he’s taking a long time AND writing a lot in his blog. Plus getting upset with his favorite football teams and other things.

I shouldn’t be complaining because I have no idea what his writing style is. I have no idea how much work he actually does and I don’t know how much effort he’s been trying to put into the stories. But it’s frustrating when the last book he’s published was about three or four years ago. J.K. Rowling took two years for each books but at least she pumped them out fairly regularly and he books are just as long as his. But it sure would be nice as a fan to see what’s coming next in the series and see whether Jon Snow really did die and whether or not Daenrys Targaryen really does make it across the sea. I just don’t want him to die like Robert Jordan did without ever finishing the series. And then have his estate scramble around trying to find another author to finish and then have everyone be disappointed by it because it’s a different author. Not that I’ve finished reading the Wheel of Time series, but I heard the Sanderson books were quite disappointing.

I hope you’re getting close to the end there, George R.R. Martin! I want to see what happens next!


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