Review: Binge by Tyler Oakley

BingeTyler Oakley is a YouTuber who focuses on social rights, LGBTQ topics, and pop culture. In his first published book, Oakley presents various essays talking about different points in his life that have shaped him to become one of the prolific people on YouTube.

I’ve watched very little of Tyler on his channel, but I’ve been watching him on The Amazing Race recently and he seemed like a genuine, funny guy who deserved to have the notoriety. I wanted to read his book not because I watch him on a regular basis, but because I think it’s important to read pop culture icon’s books on occasion. I like how light hearted he was about different parts of his life, even when they were serious and at times was even funny. But there were times when he acted pretentious and “Holier than thou” when I don’t think he meant it to be so. If I followed him on a more regular basis, I’d probably find this book to be a nice complement to what he is online. I give him credit for giving a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves and forging a path for those after him.

Review: 3/5


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